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A project concerning the Kibbutz, a settlement structure first formed in Israel’s early years, and based on the principle of sharing. This card game is about the Kibbutz members’ lifestyle, although from a cynical point of view. The game represents the lack of control the members had on their lives, in a place where they had no independence. The cards’ illustrations  show phrases common to that time.


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Next project

I thought about my grandparents and the experiences they had when they first came to the country and lived on a Kibbutz. The stories from that time are told in my family to this day. 

The Inspiration

As for the content, I read a book about the rules of living on a Kibbutz, along with family stories. For visual inspiration I looked at magazines, packages, and art from that time period.

The Research

56 cards are divided into four categories: property, children, society, and actions. Each card has its own action based on the rule of the phrase on it. For example, the "Income" card says the player can't play his turn until the card is taken from him.

The Game

In order to keep with the aesthetic of those years, I combined digital and hand-drawn illustrations.

The Technique


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