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The expression “swim against the stream” guided me throughout the project as I started from the natural environment of fish, and ended up with the core essence: resistance.

The Inspiration

Inspired by protest signs for women rights from the 50’s.

The Font

The patterns were inspired by code languages used in underground networks to communicate, such as Morse Code.

The Wrapping Paper

Images of strong women are proudly presented on postcards with the store’s slogan, “Shh... you’re in,” meaning you are now part of it.

The Postcards

The box is covered with a fishnet (an unusual packaging), as a symbol of  unconventional actions.

The Packaging

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A fish store inspired by strong women who swam against the stream. Fisher sees resistance to social norms and breaking conventions as a fundamental part of their business goals.
Keeping the core of the company in mind, I chose to create a branding that is inspired by femininity and underground movements.



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