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This app is a book club social network for people who love reading, and love talking about it. It is a platform for sharing thoughts and feelings about the books that the users read.  Moreover, it focuses on reading as a journey rather than an action. The target audience was typified by creating a persona- Ella, a 43 year old mom who is looking to share and bond with book lovers like herself.

Product Design

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When thinking of a product that will deliver an experiential service, I immediately thought of books. I added an adventurous point-of-view from the inspiration that the reader experiences a whole new world when diving into a book.

The Inspiration

Give readers a platform for sharing thoughts and feelings on what they’ve read, and meeting  people who share the same interests. Have memories to come back to from books they read, and most importantly, give the users the feeling that they are part of something.

The Goal

Revolved around having users' emotions at the center of the experience. Part of it was designing icons inspired from fairytales, and stickers with book-jokes intended to make the user smile. The 'update progress' button has 4 stages to emphasize the importance of the emotions while reading a book.

The Process

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